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South India- It is where there is ‘soundarya sangam’ or confluence of beauties – architectural, natural, cultural, heritage! When you plan to have a South India trip, you gear up yourself for a perfect mish-mash of all these. Drifting through the beautiful sunbathed backwaters of Kerala on a houseboat, admiring the splendid architechtural work done by craftsmen of yester years, letting your hair down in the lovely monsoon rains, exploring the wildlife and what not, South India has it all. Everything can’t be summed up in words as there is a lot to experience when you visit South India but you surely should not miss out upon these five attractions which stand out from the rest!

1.      Kerala Backwaters and beaches: We rate this as the top most attraction in a South India Trip because the beauty of Kerala backwaters sparkling under the shining sun or starlit sky is unmatched. You will have a one of its kind experience while sailing on the houseboat and enjoying the resplendent surroundings soaked in calm music of flowing water. The palm-lined fringes of the coast passing by will just make you say wow! Along with this the picturesque Kovalam beach, kanyakumari beach etc are ought to be seen.

     2.   Ayurveda delights:  Living the city life today takes a toll on our well being and we find ourselves caught in the rat race every now and then. Here in the God’s own country you can gift yourself a rejuvenating stay at an Ayurveda resort which will release you from the mental and bodily stress of a busy metro life. The aromatic massage using healing Ayurvedic herbs is something you will thoroughly enjoy plus the daily schedule and diet planned for you very meticulously will work wonders! 
3.      Soul searching:Coming to visit South India and not doing some soul searching will render your trip incomplete. We suggest that temples of Tamilnadu especially the Meenakshi Temple should be included as one of the must visit places in your South India trip itinerary. The exemplary carving work done here in the Meenakshi Temple stands as a perfect remnant of the Dravidian architecture. You will be amazed to know that there are 985 pillars here carved distinctly from each other.

    4.    Soaking in culture:the culture of South India is worth exploring as its colourful, its cheerful and it represents the legacy that our ancestors have handed down to us. You can visit any of the cultural centres to see the strikingly expressive dance forms of Southern Indian subcontinent- Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi etc. You can also enjoy the festivities being observed here annually like Onam, Pongal etc and not to leave out is the south Indian cuisine with a ‘tadka’ of fresh mustard seeds! 


  5.  Breathtaking hill stations: Have the idyllic pleasure of relaxing in the clam and tranquil environs of hill stations like Munnar, Ooty, Kodaikanal etc. These all qualify to be the perfect holiday destinations for couples and families. You can walk through a sprawling tea estate in Ooty or you can just look out for a nice view from your hotel balcony in Munnar! 

Enjoy seeing marvelous locations

                                              The states in the southern part of India are filled with many enchanting attractions and the alluring beauty of the locations is widely known. Travelers who are adventure lovers, heritage explorers or even people enjoying honeymoon can spend splendid time with the south India tour. The whole region is full of lovely beaches, historic monuments, marvelous constructions and particularly the nature beauty of the hill stations and particularly temples are to be seen. People who are visiting the southern part of India for the first time can enjoy the spectacular attractions and the picturesque locations in every region.
Don’t miss seeing
Kerala:Travelers must visit Kerala which is the most wonderful state of the southern India and the place full of greenery. This amazing destination will surely offer a marvelous holiday as the whole region is rich in natural beauty. Enjoying the shores of Cherai, Bekal, Kovalam, and Snehatheeram will be an amazing experience. Also, travelers must enjoy the ride over the most famous houseboats Backwaters of Alleppey, Kumarakom and a few more throughout the state.  The state Kerala is a land of few ancient and rich temples like Padmanabha Temple, Sabarimala, and Guruvayoor are to be seen. There are many interesting and historical places around the state Kerala along with nature sites that are to be seen once in a lifetime. 

Karnataka:Another south state which is well known for exceptional beauty and many historical sites. Travelers interested in seeing the incredible beauty of the land must visit the state which is the host of ample of palaces, gardens and many more. To spend an outstanding holiday one must pay a visit to Hampi which is a spectacular place that reveals the art and architecture of the Vijayanagara Empire. Also visiting the royal city Mysore will be a unique experience to every traveler. Along with these one can drown in the nature beauty of Jog Falls, Corg Hills, Nandi Hills and a few more. The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is the garden city of the country welcomes tourists to see the impressive sites.
Tamil Nadu: Travelers interested in having a holiday filled with spirituality must pay a visit to the state Tamil Nadu. The state is a land of temples and every individual will get a chance to see the ancient and historic temples in the tremendous region. Velankani is the pilgrimage destination of Christians is located in this state. Also the temples at Tirchirapalli, Rameshwaram, Madurai, Chidambaram, Kumbakonam and a few more are to be seen as all these temples are well known for amazing sculptures and constriction.
People interested for going on the south India tour can even cover the interesting sites and locations at the state Andhra Pradesh. This state is host of the most famous pilgrimage centers Srisailam, Tirupati and a few more. The hill stations like Araku, Horsley Hills are to be seen along with the cities Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam. The other interesting location of South India Tour is Goa which is most famous for beaches. People who love to have an adventure filled vacation can spend a marvelous time by visiting this alluring state.
So people interested in planning a striking tour can choose a genuine tour planner and see the spectacular locations of the South India with South India tour Operator.

The Crisscrossing Lagoon Story of Alleppey

You will never run short of amazing sightseeing with some extraordinary experiences. Well, indeed this is what the city of Alleppey promisingly delivers to every kind of traveler. 
Alappuzha Backwaters Kerala 
Also recognized as Alappuzha, the place is synonymous to heaven. With indomitable beauty residing in every speck, the magnificent crisscrossing of backwaters is just the perfect ambiance. 
As it enjoys close proximity with the sea the ambiance is just amazing and noteworthy. It is sometimes referred as the ‘Venice of the East’ and rightly so because there is no dearth of fascinating hotspots spanning every stretch of it. 
In fact, this is one of the most significant places that elevate the South India city tour to greater heights. This is something, which makes the South India tour significant and worthwhile from many points of view. 
Alleppey Beach
The connection between Kumarakom and Cochin to the north that goes with the Quilon to the South is simply awesome in its appeal. It is indeed one of the most stunning experiences one can have in one’s lifetime. 
Don’t forget the place as it is considered to be one of the most significant hotspots in terms of tourism in the South Indian context.

Top South India Honeymoon Spots

South India is recognized for amazing destinations. In particular, pondering on its honeymoon extravaganza, we find that there are many hotspots making it most inviting. 
It will not be an exaggeration to state that its breathtakingly beautiful backdrops render amazing opportunity to get enthralled. With intoxicating land of India, South India is indeed nonetheless than a paradise. 
For those who wish to embark on a holiday tour enjoy the sprawling hills, tranquil backwaters, lush green environs and meandering rivers. The virgin beaches make things more than significant and worthwhile. 
The turquoise blue waters of sea coupled with tranquil lagoons make the area more than worthwhile. A newlywed couple gets wheat it deserves here. 
If you love Hill Station holidays, it is good to visit the Ooty (Udhagamandalam), Kodaikanal and Munnar. There are other places including Thekkady with Coorg that make things more than worthwhile and significant. 
There are many beach options, which make things more than significant and worthwhile. With Goa reigning supreme, there are many options that make things more than gorgeous. 
There are golden sands of Kovalam with Mahabalipuram constituting the silver sands. Not only this, there are breathtaking backwaters of Kerala with magnificent houseboats, and much more. 
Indeed, South India offers Kerala honeymoon destinations that make this region of India simply irresistible.

The Glory of Tamil Nadu Temples

Profusely recognized all over the world for their unparalleled revered status, Tamil Nadu temples represent an ancient tradition that is indomitable. Tamil Nadu tour owes much to these amazing temples rendering it unmatched popularity in the Indian tourism context. 
Although, the Indian economy is recognized for being largely globalized, temples uphold its ancient wisdom and serenity and mesmerize the whole world with their charm and attraction. 
All the cities, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Madurai and Mamallapuram are revered for their temples all across. Depicting abundant deities of the Hindu pantheon, Tamil Nadu temples are just awesome in every respect. 
Take for example the famous Murugan Temple, dedicated to the Lord Murugua. It is being largely believed that journey to the Aruppadai Veedu or the Six Houses of Lord Muruga is sacred for those who visit this temple unimaginably. 
Similarly a visit to Navagraha temples is also one of the most revered practices. Those who staunchly believe in astrology and the influence of planets know the audacity of this temple. 
Madurai is another example with the famous Meenakshi Temple, Sundareswarar temple (twin temples), which falls in the category of the biggest temples in India. 
Don’t forget the Thanjavur with Brihadeeswarar Temple. As it is famous for its fort like structure, it attracts devotees from all across. This is where things become noteworthy for the travelers who come to witness the glory of Tamil Nadu temples.